Track Premiere: Blue Tongue Rabbit – ‘Part of the Furniture’

We’re excited to announce the release of a very special V/A on Loose Lips, bringing together a range of artists from across the world. Check out the first single from the collection, Blue Tongue Rabbit’s “Part of the Furniture.” 


The wide range of music chosen echoes our passion for unique music from all horizons. From raucous sound system music of many forms through to pertinent poetry, crazy industrial experiments, chilling ambience, and eccentric breakbeats.

Considering the vast amount of mad music on offer, we’ve split the V/A into two distinct volumes for you delve into:

  • Vol.I – dancefloor pumpers, wild beats, uptempo, and typically harder vibes. You’ll soon find yourself pulling off the most daring dance moves you’ve seen for the whole of lockdown, with a smile stretching to your ears …
  • Vol.II – more heady, contemplative, leftfield leaning. Whilst still sometimes capable of making your limbs jiggle, this is an after-party soundtrack for weirdos!

Follow them on Bandcamp to hear more. 

All proceeds from the collection go to Ruff Sqwad, a group dedicated to providing young people with creative resources. 

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