Track Premiere: Breaklights – ‘Fool Me Once’

Austin, Texas punk band Breaklights are sharing their newest single, “Fool Me Once,” from their debut LP, Wind Down. Look no further: You can listen to the new track right here at New Noise.

The band first got together and started writing in 2016, and by the next spring, they were recording the tracks in Tulsa, which eventually culminated into Breaklights’ first EP, Instructed To Fall.

They released their follow-up single, “Don’t Try So Hard,” in 2017, followed by a number of singles in 2018. The upcoming album has to band trying a few new tricks, including a few tracks with guitarist Dan on vocals (“Fool Me Once” is one of those tracks).

Breaklights’ Charlie Whittle chats more about the new LP and “Fool Me Once”:

“One exciting thing about this record is, for the first time, I’m sharing lead vocal duties. Our guitarist Dan wrote and sang three tunes on Wind Down, and it was such a huge help, as I’m a notoriously slow writer. Added bonus, the songs are great! Dan has a really well-rounded style of writing, too, from heartfelt ballads to powerhouse anthems, and that really helped us step out of our comfort zone a bit as a band. ‘Fool Me Once’ is probably the most single worthy of the three Dan songs and a definite toe tapper. Hope you like it!”

Presave the new track here, and listen to “Fool Me Once” below:

For more from Breaklights, find them on Facebook and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Antons Photography

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