Track Premiere: Burr – ‘Particle Distribution’

Nefarious Industries are proud to present a split seven-inch EP from two New England acts—New Bedford, Massachusetts’ Don’t Grow Old and Providence, Rhode Island’s Burr—due for release on October 22.

Listen to an exclusive preview of Burr’s “Particle Distribution” below:

Born from friendship, coffee, and long Providence Winters, instrumental metallers Burr sound both colossal and melodic, blending the sheer wall of sonic force of traditional doom metal with spaced-out soundscapes that take the listener on an intentional, punishing, meditative, and resolving journey.

Formed in 2017 by drummer Casey Belisle, guitarist Mike Dantowitz, and bassist Justin Enis, the group released their debut full-length, 2019’s Radial Alignment—recorded, mixed, and mastered at Big Nice Studio—and played a series of shows in the Providence/New England area pre-pandemic.

As isolation, anxiety, fear, frustration, and anger have continued to build over the last couple of years, the trio have returned to Big Nice Studio to record sounds representing these feelings. This second stint in the studio yielded the 2020 single “Underdeveloped” and, with pace and aural endurance, Burr are now eager to present their first physical record, manifested in their split with like-minded peers Don’t Grow Old.

Burr are also excited to once again hit the studio early next year to record their follow-up LP at Machines With Magnets.

Preorder the Don’t Grow Old/Burr split here.

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