Track Premiere: Cam Cole – ‘Message In The Mountains’

British one-man rock band Cam Cole is serving his own breed of hard-hitting rock on his new LP, Crooked Hill, dropping with the lead single “Message In The Mountains.”

Cole’s sound fits in with the likes of Royal Blood and Rage Against The Machine, providing an escape from the mundane and a ferocious sound to help listeners release some of the pent-up energy anyone might be feeling in a time like today.


Cole chats more about his music and the new album: “My goal with all this is taking one-man bands from being this sort of joke to a legitimate thing. You can sound massive on your own, and you really can get your point across without any filter. A lot of my music is about realizing that we create the demons we face ourselves; we create those illusions, and that is why we can beat them. If those songs change, they day of people for the better just a little, then it was all worth it.”

He adds, “Music has to be a form of magic; there is nothing else that can do that.”

Check out the lead single “Message In The Mountains” here:

For more from Cam Cole, find him on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Cam Cole.

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