Track Premiere: Cinderblock – ‘One Too Many Times’

Cinderblock are sharing their new track “One Too Many Times,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Usually when an obscure hardcore band are reintroduced, it’s through discography compilations and reissues, but in the case of Cinderblock—an early ’90’s Buffalo band whose members would go on to help shape the genre forever—The group has opted to reignite the flame and properly document the material that’s been lost to time. Breathe The Fire, out now via WAR Records, sees the group actually re-recording their original songs 30 years later.

Listen to the track here:

Drummer Dennis Merrick shares his opinion:

“There was no reason that we stopped doing it except just time; I think everybody in the band agrees; we all still love it. We just didn’t have time to do it, so to go back and do it again is great.”

Cinderblock formed in 1991 in the same Buffalo scene where Snapcase were starting to hit their stride, and with their hometown being a hotspot for touring bands, the group were exposed to the more forward-thinking, influential groups of the time.

Merrick adds:

“We all dug some of the newer bands that were coming out in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s like Quicksand, Inside Out, (and) Shelter. “I think we really wanted to start a band that was different for Buffalo hardcore.”

The recording captures Cinderblock revisiting their past with the benefit of maturity and experience. But while they certainly made some tweaks here and there, they tried to stay true to the spirit of the time.

Merrick shares his thoughts about his recording experience:

“We wanted to keep it kind of an older feel, so we actually went in and tracked the music all live the first day. More modern recordings are obviously a lot colder and a lot more regimented; you play to a click track, and everything’s snapped together in a grid. We didn’t want that.”

The result is an album that has a distinct ’90’s hardcore flair without sounding dated or rehashed. The band will celebrate the record with a hometown show in November.


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Photo courtesy of Cinderblock

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