Track Premiere: CLT DRP – ‘Like Father’

CLT DRP’s new track “Like Father” is the heartfelt, emotional ballad set to drop April 14 via Small Pond Records.

“‘Like Father’ is the most heartfelt song on the album, although it might not sound like it through the shouting. I wrote this letter to my dad on the plane one time after I left Toronto and instead of giving it to him, I put it in a song.

“I write and praise my mother a lot in my music because of her strong influences, but I’m very much a split of both my parents. I thought it would be nice to have a song with an honest kind of dialogue about how he continuously influences me in a good way, even if we don’t tell each other all that often.

“I find that when talking to a lot of my friends, the majority have a difficult time opening and communicating with their fathers. Whether it’s their generation or just toxic masculinity, it’s still interesting that there’s a bit of a common theme. Maybe the track will spark a conversation for friends or fans, who knows. Anyway, despite all of the gush, it’s a great track, and the riff is bouncy as heck.”

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