Track Premiere: Columbia Jones – ‘Lost’

Columbia Jones is sharing his new lead single “Lost” from his upcoming solo album, Songs From An Empty House. The album is set for release on March 29 through Burro Borracho Records. “Lost” is a 14-minute track, but on the upcoming album, it will be presented as three individual songs. The song was originally recorded as a one-piece, as presented here.

Listen to the track here:

The song “Lost” is about the recent divorce that Columbia Jones had to go through. Columbia Jones shares his thoughts:

“It’s not meant to be an anti-love song. The reality is that love is messy and the story here certainly isn’t a fairy tale. Still, it was a big part of a process that helped me work through some of that messy stuff and in a way learn to love myself again.”

He adds:

“I don’t pick the songs I write. I try to let them come out how they want to keep them honest, but since I’m not a prog artist I do try to keep them around the standard pop three and half minutes. The movements of this one crept slowly out of me during the fall of 2022 amidst a deep depression and this felt like the right way to put those pieces together.”       

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Photo courtesy of Columbia Jones

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