Track Premiere: Coral Benders – ‘Beatnik Behavior’

Washington DC’s Coral Benders are abandoning their traditional, surf rock roots in favor of sonic and lyrical exploration on their upcoming release, Hydrothermal Jazz, and ahead of the new LP, they are sharing the new track, “Beatnik Behavior.”

Coral Benders—composed of Brennan Duckett and Shawn Whites (guitar/vox), Jake Butler (bass/vox), Matt Ciferri (drums/vox), and Patrick Nease (keys/vox)—created Hydrothermal Jazz as a multi-genre endeavor. The album explores the concept of reconciling with the unknown, with tracks blasting you through space and returning you down to Earth, bleached and renewed. The band famously recorded a nautical concept album with Long John Silver’s Fish Yeah! Records in 2019—the first record label created by a fast food restaurant.

The new single is reminiscent of the Buzz Cocks with sounds mirroring the B-52’s in a Hammond organ-led blitz.

The band chat more about the new track, “‘Beatnik Behavior’ is a frenetic, benzedrine-fueled journey celebrating the iconoclasm of the Beat movement; it’s meant to be consumed with strangers in a sweaty, packed basement bar after 2 a.m.”

Check out “Beatnik Behavior” here:

For more from Coral Benders, find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Coral Benders

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