Track Premiere: Creux Lies – ‘Renegade (Pixel Grip Remix)’

Californian post punk band Creux Lies are sharing their new track “Renegade (Pixel Grip Remix),” off of their Devine Remix EP. Creux Lies consist of Ean Clevenger (vox/programming), Barry Crider (guitarist), David Wright (synth/drums), and Kyle Vorst (bassist). Creux Lies released their debut album The Hearth in 2017 through Cleopatra Records. They released their second album Goodbye Divine in 2021 through Freakwave. The new EP Devine Remix is an imaginative remix version from Goodbye Divine. A number of artists have contributed to the record: Pixel Grip, Twin Tribes, Traitrs, Ash Code, and Male Tears.

Listen to the track here:

Ean Clevenger shares his thoughts:

“I’m kinda a new musicophile, and for starters, nothing hooks me faster than a good/unique band name. From an early age, I would go to record shops and let my fingers walk spine to spine, seeking something unfamiliar and intriguing. This mindset persists in me today. It was Substance ’21, I think, and was the first time I saw the name, Pixel Grip. I don’t know what the fuck it the name even means, but it just grabed me. A quick POS streaming platform search, and I was in the sound… immediately I was taken. Bold, raw, candy. In early ’22, in my home city of Sacramento, I was collaborating with some promoters (shout out to Glass) to bring some good music through. I heard PG was looking for shows and by setting a date, it was my first chance to see ’em. The performance was nothing less than mesmerizing. On top of it, they were great humans. We had a chance to connect, and when Creux Lies decided to open up our tracks to artists for a remix of our 2nd album, the first band I thought of was Pixel Grip. They did not fail in bringing the exotic hook, and working with J was a genuine and open experience. It’s a true, sweet-deep-beat/melancholy innovation of “Renegade,” from the album, ‘Goodbye Divine.’  Enjoy.” 

Creux Lies

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Photo courtesy of Frank Nethercutt

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