Track Premiere: Curtains – ‘Scattered (Live)’

Punk and hardcore band Curtains from Orlando, FL. are sharing their new live track “Scattered,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Listen to the track here:

Scott Pasch from DCxPC Live shares his opinion about the label:

“We don’t try to find the next big thing, and we don’t sign bands to deals. We just want to document the live shows in the community we love. It’s a labor of love, and we are honored that so many people have liked and purchased what we’ve done. Our first year was four albums. Our second year, will have seven albums. We are stoked to see what year three brings.”

In 2023, DCxPC Live plans to have releases from Some Kind of Nightmare (touring monsters), a split with Tampa’s Rath and the Wise Guys/The Kutoffs (Bringing the dirty punk and pop punk together for families of all ages), Fortitude (FL hardcore legends), No Coffin (Miami fastcore), a split with Atlas/Moat Cobra (Orlando Metal Maniacs), and a Rhode Island’s Degenerates of Punks.

DCxPC Live came into inception during the pandemic when live shows went to livestreams. They recorded the streams and decided to release them as live albums on vinyl with covers that pay homage to the VMLive album covers of the 1990s. They have since expanded to recording full live shows as well as releasing live shows from the past.

DCxPC have released the following: a split with Call in Dead Orland’s hardest punk band or their lightest metal band… take your pick)/2Amature (Agent Orange meets PUP), Year of the Fist (CA’s Best Riotgrrrl band!), Two Man Advantage (bringing hockey punk to NYC and beyond for over 20 years), and a split with Grave Return/The Hamiltons (Orlando punks with nothing to lose).

In fall of 2022, they will have releases from The Goons (Kings of DC Punk from the 1990s into the early 2000s), The Ratchet Boys (Baltimore ska–all money goes to cancer research in honor of their singer, Dan Hess, who died of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2007), and Ann Beretta (RVA favorite melodic punk band bringing live acoustically).

The brand-new release is from a split with Orlando’s Curtains/Swift Knuckle Solution, and both bands are veterans of punk.

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Photo courtesy of Curtains

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