Track Premiere: Daydream – ‘Dissolve Into Their Likeness’

Loud and nasty trash rockers Daydream will be dropping a new album on December 11 via Dirt Cult Records, titled Mystic Operative.

The band, which are comprised of guitarist Tyler, drummer Ian, and vocalist and bassist and Alix, take their experiences in past projects like Physique, Chinchees, and Dodlage, and feed these aggregate agitations through a meat grinder and mix the resulting chuck with treated water that was used to flush carcinogenic residue out of a factory pipe. They’re like Sonic Youth if Sonic Youth had honed their sound in the slurry shoot of a slaughterhouse.

Because we love gross and antagonistic rock ‘n’ roll, New Noise are pretty stoked to premiere for you today “Dissolve Into Their Likeness,” the first song to be released from Daydream’s forthcoming album. You can stream it below:

On their new song Daydream offered the following:

“The song speaks of the cycle of desiring to experience pain/suffering/oppression in order to gain something (consciously or sub-consciously) from it, such as social clout or monetary gains. The gain from this can also be the curing of guilt from having privilege in some kind of way.

“These actions are really destructive and take away from people that have to live these experiences within every single interaction with the world. Pain and suffering of all people is documented/surveilled to be able to better market things to us. People so willing to give our sacred experiences, whatever they may be, to them for using against us.”

Photo by Daydream.

Preorder Mystic Operative here.

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