Track Premiere: Eternal Returns – ‘Flesh Robot’

Eternal Returns have dropped a new single, the six-minute opus “Flesh Robot,” which might be the most intense song of 2021. Hailing from Thane, Maharashtra, India, Eternal Returns play a style of death metal so vicious, it’ll pull an Ed Gein and skin your face off the bone.

Last year, the band released their monstrously heavy debut record, Reprieved To Totality, to rave critical reviews.  Click here to check it out.

“Flesh Robot” tells the story about pregnant females kept in captivity to reproduce the perfect biotech children to create a better, stronger race, a bizarre, mechanistic circus for creating perfect humans. The experiment causes the balance of earth to shift resulting in mass havoc, leading to a biomechanoid doomsday.

Recording was done at One Stop Music in Thane, with production work including mixing and mastering by Shankul Chavan from Pitchfork Studios in Nashik. Shankul also contributed a guitar solo for “Flesh Robot” as well.

Eternal Returns current lineup is Narendra Patel on Vocals, Harsh Makwana on bass and guitar, and Pawan Sharma on Drums.

Visit Eternal Returns on Facebook here.
Watch the video for the track, “The Rise Of Shoukoma,”  here.

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