Track Premiere: Deep Sea Peach Tree – ‘You and McGregor’

New York-based band Deep Sea Peach Tree are sharing their new track, “You and McGregor,” and you can take a first listen right here at New Noise.

Deep Sea Peach Tree are the project of Kristof Denis and his friends Andrew Dell Isola and Zack Pockrose. They describe their sound as “sleepy surf rock/aquatic sleep rock,” blending a garage sound with influences from jazz influences.

As a surfer who grew up in the city, Denis has used used his experience to meld the vibes of the city and the surf scenes as a source of creativity for himself and the band.

They perform mainly throughout New York City, but Deep Sea Peach Tree have also played in D.C., Boston, colleges throughout the Northeast, and a show in LA. They’re looking forward to continue toward the United States in 2022 and plan to release their second full-length album, Certain Thoughts, later this year.

Listen to “You and McGregor” here:

For more from Deep Sea Peach Tree, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of James Chororos

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