Track Premiere: Destroy//Create – ‘Whisper’

Metalcore outfit Destroy//Create are sharing their new track, “Whisper,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Listen to the track here:

The upcoming EP Black Swan is a concept EP consisting of five chapters. The title relates to the Black Swan theory, which is a metaphor for an event that comes as a surprise. The EP tells a story of a catastrophic event that has wiped out most of the earth’s population and focuses on one man losing his entire family.

Each chapter explores his feelings as it relates to what has happened as well as corresponding to the changing of the seasons. Each season is explained in the French language to give more detail. “Dead and Gone, (Automne/Fall)” deals with panic and confusion. “Fever Dream (l’Hiver/Winter)” focuses on blaming oneself. “Whisper (Printemps/Spring)” explores the feeling of acceptance while inspiring hope for a better day. Summer is split into two parts with “Your Ghost (été un)….” and “… My Peace (été deux)” both focusing on finding happiness and the strength to rebuild.

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Photo courtesy of Destroy//Create

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