Track Premiere: Die Like Gentlemen – ‘Bury Me’

Die Like Gentlemen are sharing their latest offering from the upcoming album Hard Truths, “Bury Me,” a swirling tempest of heavy metal and classic rock, in keeping with the band’s Odysseus-like approach to exploration, rocking hard against prevailing winds of change. Carving out their own path, as they always have done, to bring it all home in the most spectacular of fashions.

Listen to the track here:

Vocalist/guitarist Adam Alexander shares his opinion:

“We just write what we write,” explains vocalist/guitarist, Adam Alexander. “We all share a lot of influences – classic rock, death metal, doom, grunge – I guess it’s where we feel most comfortable: darkness, anger, anxiety, depression and doom. We’re not the first band to find freedom in dwelling on darker aspects but we’re always following different inspirations to keep things interesting.”

The band share their thoughts:

“Like most of ‘Hard Truths,’ ‘Bury Me’ was written against the backdrop of the increasingly dramatic sociopolitical turmoil within the United States. But ‘Bury Me’ focuses on our undeniable fascination with the daily onslaught of shocking news stories: the guilty pleasure of doomscrolling. Like rubbernecking a car wreck on the side of the road, you wish it hadn’t happened, but you can’t look away! The song goes on to describe the possible end result of all this infighting: a second American civil war, our spiritual ‘divorce.’ The narrator is willing to be buried alive to get away from it all… but asks to keep his eyes, ears and nose above ground because it’s just too engrossing to ignore.”

Born into the city’s heavy music scene; distinguished, eloquent and steeped in the spirit of Priest and Sabbath, for too long the Pacific Northwest’s gain has very much been the wider world’s loss. However, early next year all that should change. The band will make a thunderous return and with it bring their progressive rock leanings, deft song writing, heavy metal riffs and well warranted self-confidence on Hard Truths, their fifth studio album and most ambitious and cohesive work yet.

Die Like Gentlemen

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Recorded by Dominic Armstrong at Red Rockets Glare in Portland, Oregon
Mixed by Dominic Armstrong
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege Mastering
Hard Truths cover painting (‘Ocean at Night with Burning Ship’) by 19th century Swedish painter Marcus Larson

Die Like Gentlemen:

Adam Alexander – Vocals, Guitar
Shawn Boles – Drums
Matt Wieber – Lead Guitar
Sean Rodgers – Bass


Romantic Delusions of Hell (Vinyl, 2013)
Five Easy Lies (CD, 2015)
The Quickening Light (CD, 2016)
Distinguished Company (EP Cassette, 2017)
Stories (Acoustic, CD, 2020)

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Photo courtesy of Kristin Lee

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