Track Premiere: Dot Allison – ‘Cue The Tears (Anton Newcombe Remix)’

Dot Allison is sharing her newest track, a remix of her track “Cue The Tears” by Brian Jonestown Massacre’s frontman Anton Newcombe. Check it out right here at New Noise.

Allison’s musical career began with One Dove, her first band, though her own albums amount to a much more significant body of work. Allison has been on her solo journey since releasing her debut album, Afterglow, in 1999, and she’s always revolting against what she’s already done before (fairly fitting in reference to her upcoming EP).

The rework will be released as the third single from Allison’s forthcoming Entangled Remix EP, slated for a May 27 release via SA Recordings. The EP features a collection of remixed and reworked tracks from Allison’s acclaimed 2021 album, Heart-Shaped Scars, featuring artists like Lee “Scratch” Perry, Saint Etienne, and more.

The full combination of tracks on the EP acts as a love letter to Dot Allison fans, reminiscent of the danceable electronica sound of One Dove, breathing newfound energy into some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking songwriting of her career.

“I titled this Entangled Remix EP to tie with Heart-Shaped Scars but also in a way the slightly disparate influences on the EP spanning decades from when I was first influenced by dub music and did a remix for St. Etienne to Anton in Berlin & the Anchoress now,” Allison says.

The new remix elevates Dot’s serene, otherworldly vocals to new heights, encompassed by Anton’s hypnotic, psychedelic soundscape, a major departure from the original, dreamy folk track.

Preorder the new EP here, and listen to “Cue The Tears (Anton Newcombe Remix)” below:

For more from Dot Allison. find her on Twitter, Instagram, and her official website.

Photo courtesy of Dot Allison

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