Track Premiere: Doused – ‘Strawberry Blonde (B-side ~ Four)’

“Strawberry Blonde” is the lead-off single from Murmur, the debut album from Philadelphia shoegazers, Doused, due out April 16 on Flesh & Bone Records. Murmur is a collection of songs written and recorded between college graduations and pandemic quarantines.

“Strawberry Blonde,” at its core, is a plain-clothed attempt at writing a love song. The instrumentals act as a wash of sound blanketing the airy vocals detailing the seemingly mundane ways we interpret being loved.

B-Side “Four” is a reimagining of the final track on Doused’s 2017 EP. “Four” is a more subdued track, sonically contrasting “Strawberry Blonde” in almost every way.

Check out our premiere of Doused’s new singles here:

On their new songs, Doused have the following to say:

“Taking cues from the masochistic volume of bands like My Bloody Valentine or Swans, Doused weaves hypnagogic whispers into a wall of lush guitars played loud enough to drown out jet engines.”

Photo courtesy of Doused.

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