Track Premiere: Drug Hunt – ‘Shame’

Founded on the partnership of childhood friends turned co-vocalists and guitarists Rory Morison and Jason Meyers, Drug Hunt find a unique blend of psychedelic, post-punk, garage, and noise. They create a really unusual blend of styles that somehow manages to work together really well. They’ve opened for the likes of WAND, Earthless, Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, Howlin Rain, Surfbort, Spoon Benders, Meatbodies, and most recently Death Valley Girls and Ty Segall.

“Drug Hunt has undergone countless transformation,s,” explains Morrison about the band, “with a revolving door of friends and musicians shaping our sound and vision. We call it an egalitarian anarchy, strung together by many influences, perspectives, agreements, and conflicts. Even through all the shifting and sifting, we’ve been able to maintain a sense of collaboration—a desire to push boundaries and challenge each other’s status quo (laughing), even if it’s incredibly challenging at times.”

Now rounding out the quintet are Nick Sinutko on keys, Adam Baumhardt on bass, and Declan Halloran (El Vez, Dani Bell and the Tarantist) on drums, and Morrison has called this the strongest lineup the band has had.

Today they’re debuting their new single “Shame” off their upcoming album Feast due out July 19 on Bad Vibes Good Friends. This track feels like it has a punk backbone but a psychedelic soul and it makes for one hell of a compelling tune.

“Shame explores the oppressive structures society imposes on individuals and how we ‘allow’ these structures to shape our identities,” Morrison says about the song. “It critiques the principles of fame, wealth, and the cultural, political, and religious ideologies that are instilled in us. These influences dictate what we value and perceive as ‘true’ ‘cool’ or ‘important,’ often without our conscious realization. The song uses the metaphor of religious indoctrination to illustrate this:

‘Mother inferior come to me,
Hands in alms with shackled feet,
Worshiped idols wishing wells,
Dim the light and sound the bell.

“‘A Moral Signature
Tattooed on skin
These pastures of dogma
Are herded by men
And their shadows grow long’

“The song suggests that we cling to our constructed identities and defend them fiercely to avoid facing the shame of our own beliefs, pursuits or insignificance. This attachment leads to conflict, as we go to war over these identifiers or scorn those who do not share our beliefs. As the writer I view the song as my attempt to vomit/purge my own idealistic constructs and confront the narratives I’ve internalized. It’s a cathartic process of questioning and ultimately seeking to embrace a more authentic self, free from societal dogma, perhaps a state of wonder and discovery, rather than that attainment and assertion. 

‘Reason swallowed by lust
Bleach embalmed and washed
Question the fetish,
Abolish the penance in hearts,
Misused Prayers and Heavenly ceilings,
Ego crosses where we all stared up to our god,
To our god'”

Check out the track below.

Feast is out July 18, and you can preorder it here. Follow Drug Hunt on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Becky DiGiglio

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