Track Premiere: Eichlers – Things U C In Me (Acoustic)

Acoustic versions of hyperska songs are probably on a list of things you assumed you would never hear in your lifetime along with acapella death metal or twee pop gangsta rap. But somehow acoustic hyperska is exactly what your soul needs today, and Eichlers is here to supply it.

Eichlers (Russ Wood AKA “Ike”) has been making music for years but really made his mark on the ska scene with his self-proclaimed hyperska album My Checkered Future on Bad Time Records in 2022. Expanding on the growing hyperpop trend that had already started to dabble a little bit in ska, My Checkered Future is an all-out hyperpop ska fusion album that’s so self-referrential about ska history and culture that only a true lover of the genre could have possibly made it.

Now, Eichlers is announcing his latest bizarre idea that surprisingly works, his new album SONGS OFFLINE, which is dropping February 1. SONGS ONLINE takes Eichlers’ hyperska songs—from My Checkered Future and elsewhere—and strips them all the way down to acoustic tracks, leaving just the basic melodies. The result is something surprisingly poignant that reminds us why Eichlers is the brilliant emo rudeboy artist with nothing but a bright future.

To celebrate the announcement of this unique new release, Ike is debuting his first single, the acoustic version of “Things U C In Me.” Based off the song from My Checkered Future, this song proves itself to be a beautiful acoustic emo song once all the glitchy hyperska is stripped away, reminding us that, beneath all the effects, Eichlers is crafting some truly gorgeous melodies at the heart of these songs.

“a lot of my fans (IKEBEASTS, if u will) know me / first found me when i announced My Checkered Future with this song as the lead single,” explains the artist. “it might be my biggest song. ok maybe not BIGGEST but definitely a fan favorite, so naturally its a shoo-in to get the acoustic treatment and im suuuper stoked for it to be the first one the IKEBEASTS get to hear from the acoustic record.”

Check out the acoustic version of “Things U C In Me” below.

Pre-save the album here. Follow Eichlers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for future updates.
Photo courtesy of social media
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