Track Premiere: Eternal Armageddon – ‘Obey To None’

Eternal Armageddon’s “Obey to None,” from their new record In Light In Dark In Hate, out April 10, is blackened thrash at its finest.

“The idea behind this song is to shatter the fallacy of rules and crush the irony of believing no questions asked in every religion,” the band explains. “For we believe men are not meant to be slave, and humanity does not need a master to obey. It can progress with its very own intelligence as long as it respects coexistence.”

Ever since their reincarnation, Eternal Armageddon have been throbbing and pulsating for more destruction, violence, and devilish energy. And their debut, In Light In Dark In Hate, boldly captures that frenzied eagerness to torn the religious beliefs apart. Skillfully channeling mysterious black metal, raucous, first-wave black/thrash, and even d-beat vitality to some extent, this album sketches a dark, sacrilegious journey that defiles the filth and falsehood of religions, a journey that enlightens the soul and transports an individual to a different height of spirituality and intellectual freedom.

Originally distributed to the local fans on CDR format, the remastered version of the album will be unleashed globally on April 10.

Stream the song here.

Preorder the album here. 

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