Track Premiere: Evan Dibbs – ‘Fills’

Born in Ohio, raised in New Jersey, and now based in Brooklyn, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Evan Dibbs is making a name for himself as an artist who is seen as both forward-thinking and “old-souled.” He’s got a new album coming out called Breathe to Break which draws on such diverse styles as folk, indie, bluegrass, jazz, rock, and chamber music. Produced by Erik Kase Romero (The Front Bottoms), the album promises to be introspective, unique, and individualistic.

Today, Dibbs is debuting his latest single off the upcoming album called “Fills.” It’s a delicate indie-folk track with an unassuming acoustic guitar at its center as Dibbs reflects on the nature of negativity. “The main metaphor is expressed in the line, ‘The water displaced equals my weight,'” explains Dibbs about the single, “which pretty much is a plain restatement of Archimedes’ principle. Essentially, it’s the law that an object will float if the weight of the water it displaces is equal to the weight of the object. I started to think to myself, well, isn’t that sort of true about life in general—that we float through life in a kind of murky equilibrium with our baggage and our will to press forward. Some sink and some swim, but most of us find ourselves in this neutral, not-really-happy-but-not-really-depressed place.”

Check out the track below.

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Photo courtesy of Steven Churchill Downes

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