Track Premiere: Fayde – ‘Get A Hold Of Yourself’

Hailing from Northwest Indiana, Fayde consists of Jake Steven James (vocals/bass), Quintin Danzi (lead guitar), Christos Poulos (rhythm guitar), and Quinn Wilson (percussion).

They have a futuristic take on midwestern hard rock with hints of rock’s past and present tumbling in like trouble through a backwater town. Hints of Queens of the Stone Age’s pomp and swagger, Muse’s apocalyptic grandeur, the emotionally dark blues-pop plummet of Highly Suspect, and the quite frayed pop-punk of Badflower will all peek through the sweat and haze to wink at you before doubling back into the void.

Fayde have been touring for years leading up to the release of their first EP, Television, which finally dropped in March of 2019. Now they are biding their time in anticipation of the release of their long-awaited full-length debut: The Way Royals Walk.

New Noise are now happy to premiere their latest song “Get Ahold of Yourself,” which you can stream below:

On the new track, Jake Steven James has the following to offer in terms of context:

“‘Get Ahold’ is one of our more serious songs lyrically to-date. The track deals with concert-goers, specifically older dudes, who get so wasted that they wreck the show or harass younger girls in the crowd. The song’s aggressive nature parallels my animosity towards these freaks with a cry for them to get ahold of themselves.”

For all those dudes who don’t know how to chill and be respectful to women at shows (when ever we get back to having those), you’ve been put on notice.

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