Track Premiere: Fliege – ‘Love Plague’

“Love Plague” by Fliege takes you beyond post-hardcore and into the realm of the ethereal. Their new record, The Invisible Seam, is out January 31.

Brooklyn trio Fliege’s debut album The Invisible Seam is based entirely on Ingmar Bergman’s cinematic masterpiece The Seventh Seal. An epic endeavor, in sound and in concept, The Invisible Seam consists of anthemic metal songs built upon blackened screams, 80s riffage, industrialized drum programming, and post-hardcore passion. Reference points might include such artists as Immortal, Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest, Cloud Rat, and John Carpenter. 

“Essentially ‘Love Stinks’ for Gen Metal, ‘Love Plague’ takes one of our favorite, throwaway lines from The Seventh Seal—“love is the blackest of all plagues”—and puts it to thematic work. Sure, love and faith enrich your life, but at what cost? Where do you turn when they leave you naked and shivering (sometimes literally) in the cold? To the open arms of Fliege, of course!”

Preorder the album here. 

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