Track Premiere: Fossil Record – ‘Looms’

Fossil Record (ex-The Creeps, Crusades) share "Looms" from their forthcoming debut, A Little Weight.

Fossil Record are the new project from two longtime members of the Ottawa, Ontario music community, Scott McCash (vocals, guitars, etc.) and Jordan Bell (drums, etc.). Notably, the duo previously comprised two-thirds of local punk rock institution The Creeps and one-half of the shorter lived but highly regarded Crusades.

Their debut, A Little Weight, was produced by Alex Gamble (Alvvays, Fucked Up, Broken Social Scene, Sarah Harmer, etc.) with contributions from Jon Hynes (Kathleen Edwards, Donovan Woods, Hey Rosetta, etc.) on bass. Pre-order it here.

Today, the band share “Looms” from the forthcoming record.

“My wife, Erin, and I moved out to the woods on the outskirts of Ottawa during the pandemic,” McCash says. “We’ve got a little bit of land, and we back onto a sort of endless forest with hiking trails and all types of animals, from deer to foxes to moose to bears. It’s pretty blissful, and we’re super fortunate and love it here. But there was definitely an adjustment period for me, before getting to know the neighbors and becoming integrated into our little community, especially at a time when everyone was still pretty wary of socializing. I say that to say that I wrote ‘Looms’ at a time when I was really thinking a lot. Probably too much. And so lyrically, this is a song in which I’m in conversation with myself. Some of it is meant to be from the perspective of my wife, and some of it is from the vantage of my own restless mind.

“Musically, this song started with the opening guitar riff, which really set the vibe for the whole thing,” he adds. “Like a lot of other people during COVID, I got super into buying and selling guitar pedals, and I wrote the guitar part with a weird chorus/vibrato/overdrive pedal that I bought from some dude locally through Kijiji. I sold the pedal a few months later—because that’s what I was doing: buying and selling guitar pedals—but when it came time to record the song, I couldn’t replicate the sound and was super bummed. The pedal is made by a small one-person company out of Memphis and was out of production, so I reached out to the owner (shout-out Jordan from Pinebox) and begged him to make me a one-off, and he happily obliged. So much of the credit goes to him. The other portion goes to Jon Hynes, a genius bassist who made an exception to his rule of playing with incredible musicians to lend his talents to a bunch of songs on our album, including ‘Looms.’”

Photo courtesy of Fossil Record

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