Track Premiere: frigidkitty – ‘Look In Your Eye’

frigidkitty’s Kim Conlee is a sonic seducer, touching on Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Mazzy Star in her long journey to complete “Indulgence.”

Following a 40-second introduction that feels like you’re entering an upside-down, Disney netherworld, Lexington, Kentucky’s Kim Conlee bares claws.

To scratch an itch? To draw blood?

The answer depends on the listener, because Conlee is the kind of sonic seducer that leaves you wondering if you are the victimizer or the victim.

Conlee’s vocals envelop like one of Stevie Nicks’ shawls, and while she is accompanied by a slew of talented friends throughout “Indulgence,” it is her own, personal backing band of one (playing piano, guitar, flute, synthesizer, and other assorted electronics) that keep these songs in a personal space that feels intentional.

To hold you down? To lift you up?

Keep listening to find out. Listen again to reactivate doubt.

When Conlee describes her own work, she also mentions “paranoid” trip-hop grooves, and a “sour minor-key psychedelic whorl.”

Of the song “Look In Your Eye,” Conlee says, “This is a breakup song. Two people have come to a crossroads, and their time together has come to an end. But it’s too many years, too many memories, it’s unbearable to leave but impossible to stay. There’s no use blaming; both have contributed to the end of the relationship. ‘Don’t give me that look in your eye. We both decided.'”

“Indulgence,” 15 years in the making, is the debut album from frigidkitty. Look for it on December 18, 2020 from the Desperate Spirits label.

Check out our premiere of frigidkitty’s “Look In Your Eye” below:

“Look In Your Eye” will appear on frigidkitty’s upcoming album Indulgence out December 18, 2020 on Desperate Spirits Records.

Photo by Kim Conlee.

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