Track Premiere: Growing Fins – ‘Highway to Heck’

Growing Fins is a Toronto-based emo band with boisterous post-hardcore parts that are beautifully embroidered with mathy guitars. They have a new self-titled EP that will drop on July 9 on Old Press Record, off of which they’ve released a number of singles, including, the ripping, sincere, and horn layden “…And Then I Hotboxed My Washroom.”

Their latest single off their forthcoming EP is “Highway to Heck” and it is probably their most epic yet! With multiple intersecting parts and suitably complex chords, it feels like the masterpiece we always knew the band was capable of creating.

New Noise is proud to premiere the latest track from Growing Fins, “Highway to Heck” below:

On their new song, the Growing Fins offered the following comment:

“Highway to Heck is far and away our mathiest song yet and is home to my favorite Growing Fins riff ever! It was a really fun time creating and refining each section individually. Ben and I were bouncing riffs off each other like mad and finding spaces and transitions for them in the song was a really gratifying experience. The 17/8 section was particularly fun to work through! Lyrically, I wrote my parts when my grandma gave me a framed photograph I’d never seen before of me as a child playing checkers with my late grandpa. It’s a moment I don’t actually remember, but seeing us together again after so long was special.”

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Photo by Anders Marshall.

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