Track Premiere: Heavy Duty Super Ego – ‘All of the Time’

Heavy Duty Super Ego, or art-rock psychonauts Josh Morin and James Usher, grew up together and have spent years exploring and building their sound together. Their upcoming record, The Monolith, is due later this summer, and with that, the band have released their second single off the LP, “All of the Time.”

Singer Josh Morin chats more about the single: “When this song was written, there had been a ton of heartbreak and mind-aching going on in our community … our travels were stunted since the time our minds were young, melting from stress and indecision … everything that we believed was on the cliff headed to the ravine. everything changed, everything was ok, but everything was broken.”

Guitarist James Usher adds, “This was the first song we brought to the studio when we began production with TJ (Penzone) and Daryl (Palumbo). It was an older song that needed some new life so together we restructured the tune and found a new sound for it—darker but still driven by rhythmic and melodic momentum. That collaborative approach set the tone for the rest of the record and informed the sonic direction we would explore along the way.”

Check out the new song “All of the Time” below:

For more from Heavy Duty Super Ego, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Heavy Duty Super Ego.

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