Track Premiere: Her Head’s On Fire – ‘The Rain’

Indie/post-hardcore band Her Head’s On Fire are a bit of a supergroup featuring members of such legendary indie and emo acts as Saves the Day, the Bomb, Small Brown Bike, and Garrison. July 19 will see the release of the band’s sophomore effort Strange Desires, the follow-up to their 2022 debut College Rock and Clove Cigarettes.

Today, the band are debuting their latest single off the album called “The Rain,” a gut-wrenching, emotionally explosive post-hardcore track that wields the cathartic power of emo for something even more devastating than a romantic breakup.

“Loss and grief can be overwhelming,” explains vocalist Joseph Grillo about the new track, “but my father often told me before his passing, ‘to mourn him, to feel the loss, but to not let it stop me from being alive and experiencing everything in this life to the fullest.’ He was a beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive man who (along with my mother) helped guide me to bring more joy and caring into the world. I miss him often. Certain losses never heal. The world goes on, but it simply isn’t as bright as it might have been previously. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the chords were written by Jeff Dean with the loss of Gared O’Donnell (RIP) from Planes Mistaken for Stars on his mind, while the lyrics were written about the death of my father. It was kismet and still makes it difficult emotionally for me to listen to that song. It’s pretty heavy, but so are our lives.”

Check out the track below.

Strange Desires is out July 19, and you can preorder it from Iodine Recordings.

Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Shannon

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