Track Premiere: Hibernator – ‘Petrichore’

An alternative rock band from Montana, Hibernator hold glimmers of post rock flair with 2000’s emo edge. Their newest single “Petrichore” is “relatable for any listener who has lost someone or has experienced being disconnected from someone they care about.” A polished track with layered vocals and catchy guitar breaks, the track holds emotional weight in the lyrics. Singer Phillip Yanzik said the track echos a time in his life where he lost friends in the process of a “rocky breakup.”

“I was tired of losing people I put so much love and energy into keeping around me,” Yanzik said. “I began to reflect on if I was losing a bit of myself. The song was really a way to cope with all the losses I was experiencing through song.”

With lyrics like, “I don’t want to lose you anymore than I’m already losing” the track holds elements from bands like Movements, Balance and Composure and Citizen with their guitar filled hooks. Yanzik’s vocals are smooth and prominent while the gang vocals heighten the track.

“The words have created a way I intend to live my life. A reminder to be grateful for what I have,” Yanzik said. “It’s a song that I hope anyone who’s experienced loss can relate to. We all just want to keep what we love close to us. We all want to hold onto that familiarity and security love brings.”

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