Track Premiere: High Castle Teleorkestra – ‘At Last He Will’

High Castle Teleorkestra are preparing to release their debut album, The Egg That Never Opened, and ahead of the June release, they are sharing their new single, “At Last He Will.” Check it out here at New Noise!

The band were born out of the artistic frustrations needing an outlet through the pandemic. High Castle Teleorkestra was formed by members scattered across the U.S., Australia, Norway, and France. They use their multifaceted skillset, traversing a wide landscape of musical leanings including jazz, classical, rock, doo-wop, avant-garde, metal, various international folk music, and more.

Tim Smolens and Chris Bogen are both recovering, former professional musicians, with the rest of the group filled out by an impressive array of seasoned virtuosos, including Bär McKinnon (Umlaut, Mr. Bungle), Dave Murray (Estradasphere, Traun), Stian Carstensen (Farmers Market, collaborations with Jacob Collier, Mike Patton, Jimmy Rosenberg), and Timba Harris (Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3, Probosci).

The 48-minute musical odyssey reflects the experience of the band, though it’s a fresh and vibrant testament to their talent. It’s an experimental but catchy record,  bringing a mature intensity that still manages to avoid the pitfalls of highly technical, progressive music.

Bogen chats more about the making of the track:

“’At Last He Will’ is based on a Kurt Weill tune from the Three Penny Opera called ‘Barbara Song,’ though we have severely bent it with some wild orchestration and odd meter adaptations. In some ways, we feel that this tune is the most representative of the ‘sound’ of our full ensemble because it contains each of us playing our primary instruments. Like our first single, this track progresses the story of our album and functions as a dark foreshadowing of the turmoil that the protagonist will face.”

Smolens adds, “Vocalist Caitlin O’Connor makes a guest appearance in an abstract role that we liken to a subconscious oracle with a surreal prophetic timbre to her voice. Kurt Weill wrote amazing tunes with wildly advanced chord progressions and reharmonizations that mostly featured a musical theater/opera-style vocals. Instrumental renditions of his tunes are few and far between and was an angle that HCT found intriguing, and the fans are sure to love.”

Listen to “At Last He Will” here:

For more from High Castle Teleorkestra, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of High Castle Teleorkestra

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