Album Premiere: Home Invasion – Enemy

Chicago hardcore outfit Home Invasion are sharing their new album Enemy, a brutal aural journey which becomes more intense every moment. It drops on streaming services tomorrow from WAR Records, but you can listen to it right now here.

Listen to the full album here:

Home Invasion hail from Chicago, Illinois, and they were formed in 2018. The band members have also played in bands such as Guts and Glory, Noose, and Absolute Truth. The band will release their upcoming album through War Records on May 17.

Enemy Track Listing:

1. Insignificance
2. Enemy
3. Incomplete
4. Bleach
5. Stochastic
6. Nasty Brutish Short
7. Locked In Sight
8. Exterminate
9. Mass Confusion
10. Never Silent
11. Anthem
12. Mindgrind

Home Invasion

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Photo courtesy of Home Invasion

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