Track Premiere: Honeymoon – ‘Experiment For The Betterment Of Humankind’

Get into the swing of 2020 with this new, spacey, post-hardcore hit “Experiment For The Betterment Of Humankind” by Honeymoon, out January 10 on their new record From The Future, via Head2Wall Records.

This hardworking, north-central Ohio quartet have cut their teeth on blistering, riffy, post-hardcore in the vein of space-rock masters like Failure and Swervedriver, but now they’re leaning hard into their emotive and impassioned side. The result, to this point, has been an impressively powerful and immersive, attention-demanding experience reminiscent of legends like Hum and the heavier moments of Sunny Day Real Estate.

But on From The Future, their debut full-length, Honeymoon have truly crafted a masterpiece, taking all of the elements incorporated into their previous work and pushing them to a perfect whole, creative, and emotional critical mass.

The album is full of explosive riffs that will have your head moving before you even realize what you’re hearing and thoughtful and incisive lyrics that give the powerful atmospheric experience context. And an implicit understanding of what it takes to write a song that doesn’t just sound good, but demands to be experienced completely.

“This is the last song on the record,” the band says. “It carries the theme of the album—of the future not being as good or as promising as we thought it would be. The world and our country face a lot of decisions—can we trust ourselves to make the right ones? What happens when we can’t reverse our mistakes? Only those from the future have the ability to know…”
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