Track Premiere: Hungover – ‘Out of Body’

Florida rock band Hungover have been described as “too pop for rock and too rock for pop,” but you’ll probably find, like Goldilocks, that they’re just perfect how they are. The band are putting out a new LP on Smartpunk Records on February 23 called When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves. It’s the follow-up to their 2018 EP Wilt, marking their first full-length release.

 “When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves evolves the pop forward rock sound we developed on WILT by exploring new sonic textures that call back to the artists that have informed us,” explains vocalist Marc Cortes about the new album. “You can expect a more complete and dynamic Hungover on this record.”

Today, they’re debuting their latest single off the upcoming record called “Out of Body.” It’s a pop rock anthem with glorious hooks and perfectly crafted melodies that are enhanced by a stunningly powerful vocal performance.

“Dodging texts, task paralysis, and avoidance can sever relationships you never meant to. Sometimes that means neglecting the people you love most,” explains Cortes about the song. “I knew I needed help, but feeling like a burden to the people who surrounded me, (which) made me think I needed to push them away. When I got better, I had to mend certain relationships, and that wasn’t easy. In some cases, there were things I couldn’t fix, so I had to seek the closure that I forced people to find themselves. ‘Out of Body’ takes on the idea that sometimes a ‘coming of age’ moment can mean realizing that you were wrong/have failed, and that’s okay!”

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Photo courtesy of Hungover

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