Track Premiere: I Am Night – ‘Delayed Afterlight’

I Am Night are releasing their Returning EP September 17. You can check out their insights on the album here, as well as stream the track “Delayed Afterlight.” 


How did you first get started in music, and what type of sounds and artists influence you? 
I started experimenting with singing at the age 4 thanks to my parents, who are both active musicians. But, my very first live stage experiences happened throughout my early teenage years (9 to 12 years old) when I, as a backing vocal singer, traveled the midwest Brazilian region with my mom (the lead singer) on Carnival tours. These are unforgettable, sweet memories that I have of my home country.
How has the pandemic affected your work and creative flow?
Fortunately, the entire EP was finalized at the end of March (right when the pandemic hit all over the country). I couldn’t imagine having to work on this project with the state of mind that I am in right now.
The marketing and release of a work nowadays are theoretically the easiest parts, since it purely relies on one’s social media skills. But, I noticed too much internet time can drastically alter my mood and trigger my already existing anxiety. Add that to our current, reclusive circumstances, and it can be really hard being an independent artist in 2020. I honestly hope my fellow musicians are doing better than me during these times.
What was the writing and recording process like for this song?
The main sections of this song came to me out of nowhere, like an epiphany. Or as said in the chorus, like an “Afterlight.” After that, I resorted to GarageBand and arranged all instrumental tracks to come up with a half-decent demo version.
This file stayed secreted for two years until I found Jack Kilby (my current producer) and showed him. He absolutely loved it and recruited all the incredible musicians that performed on the song. The recording was a very pleasant process, since they didn’t alter the original demo in any major way, just enhanced the already existing quality of the harmonies and melodies on the tune.
This is by far my favorite song of the EP, and it is the pure definition of my musical style: alternative rock with hints of jazz and Brazilian influences.
What are the lyrical themes on this EP, and what inspired them?
The writing process of this EP took place throughout two years of undiagnosed depression. Therefore, it covers an entire spectrum of deep and emotional themes, from identity crises and the evil human nature to taking your own power back and the rediscovery of hope.
It’s a personal journey through my own psyche. And I hope every single listener can relate to that and also navigate through their own minds.
Is there anything else in the works you’d like to talk about or promote? Any livestreams or other projects? 
There is a single coming around October or November of 2020 featuring the up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Dhante B. I won’t say much about it now, but it is going to be a tremendous surprise.
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
As an immigrant woman in 2020, I had trouble accepting and loving my own nature. This EP is my documented journey from doom and desperation to resilience and empowerment. The feeling of embracing the realest, unfiltered you is a life changing experience, and I want to help people to discover that. This is my drive. This is my passion. To awaken people to their true selves.
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