Track Premiere: Inny – ‘The Eternal Contest’

Portland, Oregon rock band Inny are sharing their new single, “The Eternal Contest,” ahead of their upcoming LP, Pippins, slated for a December 16 release. Give it a listen right here at New Noise.

Inny was born in 2018 out of the need for the bandmates to preoccupy their own anxieties. Between guitarist and vocalist Brody, bassist Dan, and drummer Toby, the trio often throw ideas back and forth, evolving the seemingly simple concepts into much deeper and more dynamic final products. At their core, Inny are simply three good friends who have played music together for the better part of a decade, aiming to write meaningful songs and have a lot of fun doing it.

The band tap into a wealth of punk, emo, noise, and rock fueled inspiration—a little mathy, a little proggy—with an emotional impact and range shifting from anguished to overjoyed, all the while showing off their dexterity and the catharsis of their craft.

The band’s new album, Pippins, was recorded a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and mixed by the band members in their home studio. They had ample time to experiment and shape each song, alongside their collective vision.

“Pippin” is defined as a crisp, tart apple and a highly admired or very admirable person or thing. It was intentional, as Inny call the nine songs on the album a “pippin”—each unique, well-rounded in what it offers listeners, and all-around crisp and tart.

Dan chats more about the new track, calling “Eternal Contest” the most “earwormy” of all the songs the band worked on for the record.

“Brody had a lot of great vocal harmony ideas. It all reminded me so much of the early ’90s bands we all cut our teeth on, and also at the time I was really obsessed with that song ‘Saved By Zero’ by The Fixx, which had this really cool polyrhythm backing track near the end. So, I was pushing him pretty hard to expand his original idea with more textured ideas that sorta chanted and stretched over and throughout parts like in that Fixx song. I’m sure he got reeaaal sick of me torturing him with doubling up all of those ideas… But it was a fun day with him screaming in my shower to make the whole song sound way more lush!”

Dan continues, “It was getting so big, though, that we ended up dialing it back to somewhere more subtle, and I like where it ended up. Earworms for days.. All those extra isolated vocal takes could finally be the starts for our electro-granular-ambient side project album Outty.”

Preorder Pippins here, and stream “The Eternal Contest” below:

For more from Inny, find them at the Nadine Records Bandcamp page.
Photo courtesy of James Rexroad
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