Track Premiere: Ivory Fields – ‘Blasted’

Los Angeles-based duo Ivory Fields are sharing their new track “Blasted,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

In their own words, Ivory Fields “combusts layers of synths, drum machines, and guitar over songs composed more around sonic imagery than chord progressions.”

The description is as accurate as it is mysterious. Indeed, the music here often feels like it is both floating just out of grasp and overwhelming and omnipresent at the same time.

Listen to the track here:

Mahadev claims that the record is grounded in a “flare for pop context in its songwriting and production.” Cohen concurs, saying, “Ivory Fields mixes a desire for pop songs, dance production values, and experimental influences.”

“Ale came up with the title ‘Blasted’ first, which inspired the song,” says Mahadev of the duo’s latest single. “Dazzling rockets blasting out, but never seeing them shine, during war time or anytime.”

Cohen adds, “‘Blasted’ is our closest example of a pop track, but in our own abstract and cosmic way.”

Ivory Fields is the self-titled, 10-song debut album from the Los Angeles-based duo of Mahadev (fka Matt Gangi) (GANGI, Current Pathways, Fake Estates) and Alejandro Cohen (Pharaohs, Languis, dublab). The album will be out on October 28.

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Photo courtesy of Jeanette Getrost.

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