Track Premiere: J. Nicolás – ‘Coming of the Rain

Americana artist J. Nicolás is sharing his new track, “Coming of the Rain,” and you can take a listen right here at New Noise.

Nicolás has a storied history in the indie rock scene for more than two decades, having toured the country and internationally with a number of groups. He decided to explore a new sound and launch his solo career with his debut album, Wild Oak, in early 2021. The writing through Nicolás’ debut LP provides a glimpse into his personal evolution and worldly perspective, inspired by a budding romantic relationship on the road.

The new track comes just before the release of Nicolás’ sophomore album, A Rosary of Bone, out September 2. The record was inspired by South African poet Douglas Livingstone and combines his trademark, soothing instrumentals with raw, introspective, and elegantly-placed words of self-discovery.

He explores a number of themes on the new album, including the tougher side of love and relationships, the uncharted elements of what it means to be human—including depression, self-sabotage, loss, and regret—while still leaving space for thoughtful introspection.

Nicolás chats more about the new track:

“‘Coming of the Rain’ was written whilst I was driving north to Portland through Death Valley. I was contemplating a breakup that hadn’t happened yet, but my predictions were correct.”

Listen to “Coming of the Rain” here:

For more from J. Nicolás, find him on Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.
Photo courtesy of J. Nicolás
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