Track Premiere: J8KE – ‘Hold Me’

Canadian singer-songwriter J8KE (Jake Robertson) is sharing his new heartfelt song, “Hold Me,” which follows his previous breakout single. The song was mixed and mastered by the brilliant producer Marco Silvenses. Jake has previously played in the band Cardinal Chase and has toured North America both independently and with the band.

Listen to the new track here:

Jake shares his thoughts about the song:

“‘Hold Me’ is a more impassioned song than I’ve written in a long time. It’s about doubt, indecisiveness, and the loss of love. All with a true glimpse that right around the corner that person is waiting for you.”


Jake talks about his genuine love for music:

“Music has saved my life over and over again. It’s the one thing that keeps me going forward and making each day count.”

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Photo courtesy of J8KE

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