Track Premiere: Jar of Blind Flies – ‘Not Your Baby’

Dark and atmospheric, moody yet hard with both power and melody that finds itself lying somewhere between goth and grunge like the lovechild of The Smashing Pumpkins, Kittie, and Stone Temple Pilots in an unholy three-way, Jar of Blind Flies emerge from the ether already screaming and gnashing a distorted electric guitar. Fueled by the dueling vocals of Maddy Jarvis and Marley Perez, the contrasts between their voices demonstrates the balance between power and melody that’s at the heart of their music. Get ready to fall in love with a sinful yet divine pleasure of a band.

They’ve made a name a name for themselves spreading their gloriously gritty music across Brighton and London, opening for the likes of Hotwax, Snayx, Mary in the Junkyard, Sickjoy, Gaffa Tape Sandy, and more. Now ahead of their big show opening for CLT DRP at Club Revenge in Brighton, the band are debuting their latest single called “Not Your Baby.” Driven by a thundering bass line and a heavy, grungy guitar, “Not Your Baby” is at times sultry, at times abrasive, but always engaging and impossible to ignore.

Speaking on the song’s lyrics, Jarvis explains: “Its amplified phrasing of affection is the manifestation of ‘loving by proxy’ bred by modern society’s click and collect love and the consumerism of pleasure. The expression of infatuation although seemingly impassioned underlays an insincerity.”

Bassist Jake Smith then explains the recording process, saying: “Recording at The Marshall studio was a whole new level for us. Going from the relatively DIY recording style of our early songs to recording in a 250-capacity amphitheatre with every bit of tech you could ever imagine was a Real culture shock. The way the recordings have come out is levels above what we could’ve hoped for and we’ve learnt so much from the experience.”

Check out the mesmerizing track below.

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