Track Premiere: Jhariah – ‘PRESSURE BOMB!!!!’

Jhariah Clare is an NYC native with some powerful vocals and big energy. His presence is bold and captivating in nature, but it’s his style that steals the show. Inspired by theatrical pop culture, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s no surprise his eclectic creations started off as 2D and 3D digital art.

Transitioning to music, Jhariah blended the two to create something wonderful like his music video for “PRESSURE BOMB!!!!”

A chaotic whirlwind of a release, the raw energy given from the project puts Jhariah over in terms of creativity. Full of fast guitar breaks and flashing lights, the video is a perfect ode to the intensity of Jhariah’s narrative-style lyrics.

“‘PRESSURE BOMB!!!!’ is a song I wrote about my brain and the way it never seems to calm down,” Jhariah says. “Pretty much every minute of the day, my mind is running wild with some crazy new idea I have or fixated on whatever project I happen to be consumed by.

“There’s this constant need to be creating or consuming, with not much in between. Throughout my life, I’ve always sort of thought of that as my ‘superpower’ in a way, but writing this song actually forced me to really reflect on the ways this negatively impacts my life as well and try to dissect why I’m that way. Just getting from start to finish with this song helped me learn and grow in so many ways, so I really hope that listeners with a similar experience might also take something away from it.”

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