Track Premiere: John Garrison – ‘The Revolution Is Just Waiting A Name’

The gradual eradication of a sense of community in favor of egos roaring for attention has become part of everyday life for everyone. From presidents and celebrities to the classroom bully and the influencer living next door. It’s become impossible to navigate as purely a witness. One is tempted to slow down and rubber neck with click bait images served to us on a silver-plated algorithm, and it’s impossible to look away.  Filters and endless storage mean we can alter, re-shoot, and manipulate our own lives to fit in with the ones we watch and envy every day. And while we are looking that way anyway, let’s all look at the impossibly beautiful, air touched body or watch the horrific global event that only a few years ago, could only be imagined or read about, and wash it away with our “Thoughts & Prayers”. 

It all adds up to a personal and global sense of hopelessness for the average person on the street, trying to live a “dream’” that their algorithm advised them they should “never give up on.” 

Imagine if we could go back in time and pinpoint where this separation and division started. Where we went from actually talking to our neighbor to sending them an invisible ‘”like.” The moment we handed over control of what we and our kids see on a daily basis, to a computer program. What would we have done differently? 

And now imagine if that moment was today. And the future came back and told us what was going to happen in 30 years. What would we do differently right now? Would we all just sit back and watch? Or would we do something about it? Where there is a shared will for good, there is hope. When humans get together without manipulation, they can achieve incredible things. Maybe hope lies in a common rebellion cause. The cause may not be totally clear yet. But once it is, it will have a name. And The Revolution is just waiting for a name. 

Stream our premiere of John Garrison’s “The Revolution Is Just Waiting A Name” below:

“The Revolution Is Just Waiting A Name” is the second single from John Garrison’s latest album Extinguisher out today!

Photo by Martin Grothmaak.

Buy Extinguisher here.

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