Track Premiere: Johnny Manna – ‘Losing August’

Johnny Manna has a delicate voice and a big, sensitive heart beating in his chest, and we’re happy to share with you his latest sentimental song “Losing August,” which you can check out below:

Here is Johnny describing himself and his music in his own words:

“I’m a solo artist from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. I’ve been releasing solo music for over five years now, and I don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. I originally started off mainly recording acoustic songs and putting out acoustic albums, but a few years ago, I transitioned more into writing full band and performing live with a full band as much as possible.

“I generally consider myself to be of the pop-rock genre, although I do enjoy experimenting from time to time with different styles and letting the writing process go in whatever way it chooses. With an EP as well as several singles out in 2020, I am very excited to have “Losing August” as my first release of 2021. I have another single on deck for this spring, as well as much more material in the works, and I am very excited for what the future holds.

“During the day, I am a full-time student and am actually enrolled in law school. I very much enjoy being educated, but ultimately creativity and the world of music and entertainment is where my passion truly is, so I definitely don’t see it as anything I’d give up anytime soon!”

Photos courtesy of Johnny Manna.

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