Track Premiere: JR JR – ‘Basketball’ (Kurtis Blow Cover)

Just in time for the start of the NBA playoffs today, we are stoked to premiere JR JR’s cover of Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball,” out September 30 on their Swish EP, complete with limited-edition basketball merch. 

“’Basketball is my favorite sport. I like the way they dribble up and down the court…’ is the start of the first verse of Kurtis Blow’s ‘Basketball.’ Seriously,” says Daniel Zott.


“Basketball is the best sport. And this current bubble madness proves it—Damian Lillard looking like a god and the Suns going undefeated, only to be left out of the playoffs, is pure entertainment.

“We’ve always loved this song and its amazingly ’80s video. So, when we were thinking of songs that get us up off the couch and onto our driveways, it was at the top of the list. Whenever I start playing this song, my three sons (2, 4, and 6 years old) immediately run out to our little tikes hoop and start their own dunk contest. It’s just one of those jams.”

Photo by Pamelia Littky

Stream the song here. 

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