Track Premiere: Landowner – ‘Being Told You’re Wrong’

Landowner are releasing a new record, Consultant, on September 25 via Born Yesterday Records. You can stream “Being Told You’re Wrong” before the album drop. 


“‘Being Told You’re Wrong’ is a song that says “if you’re really such a tough guy, why do you collapse into a pathetic childish tantrum anytime you’re told you’re wrong? You can take a punch but you can’t take critique?”says songwriter Dan Shaw. “The song suggests that genuine strength includes a capacity for self-reflection and humility. If more of us were better at considering we’re often wrong, communication would be a lot more functional at a basic level.
“In the past decade, we’ve increasingly seen the white, American male told that he’s not right all the time, and that his abuse of privilege and power is wrong, even while he’s oblivious to what he’s doing. Landowner is a band of privileged, white American males who are getting precious time in your headphones. It’s our duty to play a song like ‘Being Told You’re Wrong.’ It’s important for people to hear us reflecting on that, and for that to start to feel normal.

“The riff is abrasively clean and is modeled after thrash or D-beat, but without the distortion—absurdly and fully revealed. Like the lyrics, the music teases what it means to be ‘tough’ or ‘strong.’ We’re excited to share ‘Being Told You’re Wrong’ with you.”

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