Track Premiere: Leila Abdul-Rauf – ‘The I Emerges II: In and Out of Being’

Oakland-based multi-instrumentalist Leila Abdul-Rauf has already built a name for herself as a talented solo artist, and following the announcement of her fourth, full-length studio album, Phantasiai, the artist is revealing her new single, “The I Emerges II: In and Out of Being.”

The upcoming album has a prevailing feeling of melancholy, between the dreamlike ambience and ethereal magic the LP marinates in. Abdul-Rauf chatted more about the composition and inspiration behind the new single:

“The second movement of the second suite, ‘The I Emerges,’ ‘In and Out of Being’ moves away from the Ligeti-esque dimension-traveling ‘Rebirth’ into a more still, yet even more disorienting space. A temple bell plays a central focus with the twinkling piano, as a call-and-response with the nymph-like vocals, and its textures are gradually manipulated throughout the piece to create an increasingly dizzying atmosphere.”

She continues, referencing the lyrics in conjunction with the music structure, “The melodies are simultaneously mystifying, seductive, and playful, while the contrasting lyrics touch on isolation and psychic disintegration: ‘faces flattened / desires suspended / caught between / the front of elation and / the back of despair / twirling in and out of being / we never meet.'”

You can preorder Phantasiai here, and stream the new single below:

For more from Leila Abdul-Rauf, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp. Photo courtesy of Dawn Howard and Leila Abdul-Rauf.

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