Track Premiere: Leopard Print Taser – “Esta Festa Me Molesta”

Leopard Print Taser's Existential Bathroom Graffiti hits the streets August 18, via Knife Hits Records.

Fans of Dinsoaur Jr., Lemuria, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Sonic Youth are sure to rank Leopard Print Taser‘s forthcoming Existential Bathroom Graffiti album amidst their favorite records of the year, and for good reason. Following two well-received EPs, the band retain their signature blend of noisy art rock and dreamy post-punk, but also venture into new waters. Touching on fast, pun-inspired rippers that swell into noisy hooks, the Boston music industry vets prove that they’re ones-to-watch.

Conceived in 2017, LPT have spent quite a bit of time on the road, particularly for a band that have spent half their existence sidelined by the pandemic. Maybe you caught them supporting Amyl and the Sniffers, Tacocat, Swearin, and Empath?

Although the full album doesn’t hit the streets until August 18, via the devoted noiseniks at Knife Hits Records, today, the band share the collection’s first single, “Esta Festa Me Molesta.”

Photo courtesy of Leopard Print Taser

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