Track Premiere: Lili Refrain – ‘Mami Wata’

Ahead of her new LP, MANA, Lili Refrain is sharing the first single, “Mami Wata,” and you can listen right here at New Noise.

The Italian-born solo artist combines repetitions of elements of folk, metal, blues, rock, and lyric opera to create her own unique blend of psychedelia. Adding percussion and synths, she creates an immersive and ritualistic experience, immediately wrapping listeners up in her sound.

She’s self-produced four albums, each met with critical acclaim from various publications, and in her career, she’s played hundred of shows across Europe. She won’t be letting up soon, as she plans to perform the newest album on her upcoming tour.

Each track on MANA reflects the abilities of the multi-instrumentalist, bringing a multi-faceted heft through the nine-track collection. Refrain says that this album is “totally different” from anything she’s done before.

“I felt the need to experiment with the use of new instruments and take a totally new path. Compared to my previous album, MANA is the most ritual in some ways,” she says.

Regarding the name of the album’s title, Refrain says it means “life force,” a power that comes from within and that is “dedicated to those who have found themselves consciously facing a journey, without knowing where it would have arrived or even if it would have survived.”

Listen to “Mami Wata” here:

For more from Lili Refrain, find her on Instagram, Bandcamp, and her official artist page on Subsound Records.

Photo courtesy of Tania Alineri

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