Track Premiere: Lions Of The Interstate – ‘White Trucks’

Lions Of The Interstate are sharing their new track “White Trucks” off of their full-length debut album Strange Empires. Strange Empires will be released on December 8 through Braxeling Records.

Listen to the track here:

Band member Rich Millward shares his thoughts:

“’White Trucks’ was the most collaborative song on the album. Starting out as a one note song I tried. Then figuring out a chorus of sorts. Ben and his awesome riffs. Kyla tweaking her microKORG. And Jeremy and Arturo holding down the low driving beat. Everyone got it. Nobody needed directions. Not to mention the lyrics Arturo had up his sleeve about those fuckers driving their White Trucks! And the horns!”

Producer Michael Deresh also shares his thoughts:

“’White Trucks’ was such a fun track for me to dig into the production on. We played with quite a bit of sonic allegory. First and foremost, it had to feel driving and maintain a playful tension. A lot of that was already baked into the parts but the mix had to really reflect it. Adding subtle punctuation, like single piano notes or hits of a crash to mark the changes, helped bring the parts in and out without breaking its stride.

“Then, when we had Andy come in to do the horn parts, I had the idea to have him actually mimic a truck horn, in the back stretch and close things out with a withering snippet of the ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ as though Cousin Eddie was beeping his RV horn. Perhaps, heavy handed but a really amusing wink at the brand of patriotism that the song was making comment on. I really love the way it all turned out.”

Drummer Arturo Diaz adds:

“’White Trucks’ is a sort of tongue-in-cheek dig at the political landscape that plays out on bumper stickers and truck beds on the outskirts of Portland (and likely across America). The trucks come in all colors, but their message is the same loud chorus. So we wrote our own kind of anthem to blare back out of our speakers!!”

Lions Of The Interstate were formed as a trio in 2019, and are currently working as a five-piece group. The band released their self-titled debut EP in 2020, which made its place on The Big Takeover’s best-of list. The debut EP was followed by a double EP titled Hug Point-Death/Love, which featured Kyla Henry on backing vocals, keyboards, and glockenspiel. After releasing the three EPs, the band finally started writing songs and had 12 tracks ready for their debut full-length. The debut album Strange Empires was recorded with Portland producer and musician Michael Deresh at his Lamplight Studio in Portland, and it will be released on December 8.

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Photo courtesy of Lions Of The Interstate

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