Track Premiere: M.A.G.S. – ‘Sins’

Indie rocker M.A.G.S. is sharing his new track “Sins.” The song is written by Elliott Douglas, and mixed and mastered by Jay Maas.

Listen to the track here:

M.A.G.S. shares his thoughts:

“I spent the majority of my formative years trying to convince myself that I believed in something I didn’t fully understand. I had questions about God and my faith but every question was met with an attempt at re-conditioning my brain to not ask those questions anymore. In church you’re taught that Jesus died for us so we could have eternal life and as a kid I’m thinking, what does that actually mean? As long as I believe in God I get to go to heaven, right?

If all our sins are forgiven, why the emphasis on remaining pure? Why did I spend so much of my life feeling guilt and shame surrounding sex and having friends who had different beliefs than me? When you try to box God into the constructs of religion you end up with a man-made structure that is based on our limited, human understanding of our place in the universe. I’m not saying everything about Christianity is wrong but as a young, home-schooled kid that was born into the church I didn’t have any other point of reference.

I think the point of faith is to decide what YOU believe and not take things as truth just because they’re preached to you by someone in leadership. The church is filled with sheep willing to for-go their own common sense in order to solidify a place within the church community while ignoring the bad parts, aka the overt corruption within modern Christianity. I hope when people hear ‘Sins’ they can sense the urgency of what I’m saying, you’re not broken just because you took a different path than your parents and you’re not required to carry the guilt and shame that was placed on you any longer.”


According to the press release:

M.A.G.S. released his first solo record in 2015, an EP titled Cellophane, and his self-titled debut album arrived two years later—securing a seat amongst the most prominent indie/alt-rock artists. With his new batch of music, Douglas displayed marked growth in vocal prowess, overall musicality and lyrical bite through the release of 2020’s Lost Tapes EP.

M.A.G.S. will be supporting Sleeping With Sirens on the Family Tree tour this month, and have previously toured with The Happy Fits, Oso Oso & Blvck Hippie.

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Photo courtesy of Migella Accors

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