Track Premiere: M.U.T.T. – Dirty Deeds

Coming out of the legendary San Francisco underground music scene, M.U.T.T. are carrying on an important legacy. Started by scene veteran John Jr., M.U.T.T. are proud to be the new torchbearers for their local scene. The band’s 2022 debut, Bad to the Bone, was characterized by classic rock ‘n’ roll stylings, but their upcoming sophomore release, Dirty Deeds—out February 23 on Quiet Panic—promises to be a more eclectic mix.

Today, the band are debuting the latest single and title track off of Dirty Deeds. It’s a rip-roaring straightforward punk anthem with hints of post-hardcore in the breakdown in a song about what goes around coming around.

“The album title and song ‘Dirty Deeds’ comes from considering the blow back of karma,” explains John Jr. “I’m not a bad person; I don’t set out to harm anyone, but I also don’t follow the laws and would be considered by most as a vandal and a thief. I believe a lot of the good things that come my way are because I am genuinely a nice person who will always go out of my way to help and support my friends, however, every now and then, some bullshit goes down, and I always think back to what I did in my recent past for the universe to hand me down some payback.”

Check out “Dirty Deeds” below.

You can pre-save Dirty Deeds here. Follow M.U.T.T. on Instagram and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Jason Abromovitz

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